Monday, February 4, 2013

U-speed wheel build

I´m going to build (actually LBS) a set of training wheels. Using open mold U-shape carbon rims Circus Monkey hubs, Sapim spokes and Al nipples.
Today I recived hubs.
Front: F.T.F: 66,5mm (ctr)
P.C.D: 29mm
weight: 66g.
Measuring the rear is more complicated, but I´ll give my best:
38.5 NDS ctr to flange
16.5 DS ctr to flange
55.0 DS flange dia
40.0 NDS flange dia
 weight: 239g

If someone knows good technique of how to measure rear hub, I´m all ears/eyes.

Finally received rims and they look nice.
Front 20H: 493g
Rear 28H: 500g


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